Affiliate Program

Our mission is to help others by making education accessible for everyone! If you share our mission, you are eligible to become an Affiliate.

Certification Programs are priced at $299. We pay $50 for any referral who made a sale. And also give a $50 discount code for the learner.

Our Earn & Learn affiliate program works very simple:

  1. Register as an Affiliate, and contact us (see email below).
  2. We provide you with discount coupons of $50 bucks.
  3. You share your $50 buck discount coupons online, and people use your coupons to buy Certification Programs.
  4. When people use your coupons, we know that they were issued by you, so you earn your $50 commission.
  5. Everyone earns: you earn $50 and the learner gets a $50 discount for his Certification Program. This is Earn & Learn.

Executive MBA Programs are priced at $1,997. We pay $100 for every sale, and give a $100 discount coupon for the learner.

The Earn & Learn affiliate program is also open to Learners, so you can ‘Earn to Learn’ (also known as ‘Earn while you Learn’ or ‘Earn as you Learn’). You can transform your earnings from your Wallet into discount coupons to purchase your next Certification Programs. You can also sponsor others by providing them these discount coupons.

As part of our mission, you can look for sponsors for learners who need help. This way we can help poor people to get access to education.

Start today earning money and helping people!

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