Earn & Learn FAQ

Is it the same code regardless of the course?

For example, there is a 50 USD discount for the courses and a 100 USD discount for the MBA Executive Programs. Do I post the same code for both of them?

Answer: Yes, the $50 discount code is the same for al Certification Courses. And the $100 is the same for all MBA Programs.

What are the direct website addresses?

Answer: I would share directly the home website: https://thebestmba.org, unless you want to recommend one specific course. In that case, share the course that better fits to your audience and share that URL. You don’t require to share affiliate links, because people will be using your affiliate Discount Code, so sales will be directly assigned to you.

How do I post the registration code?

Answer: look at this example: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/internet-of-things-certification_best-mba-courses-%E2%91%A9-your-mba-for-only-39-activity-6751048559707140096-TSHV

Should I post it in my page or your certification page?

Answer: Both are good. You can use both, and you double success.

How does this work regarding taxes?

Do I do it as a company or an individual? Do I have to issue an invoice to your company to get paid?

Answer: With regards to taxes, you do it as an individual. As an individual, you need to take care of your tax obligations. You will need to pay your taxes according to your country rules. This is exactly how all online affiliate programs work (also known as referral programs) such as Amazon Associates Program, Google AdSense, etc.

If taxes is a problem for you, there is also the option to transform your earnings from your Wallet into discount coupons that you can use to purchase your next Certification Courses without using money. You can also sponsor others by providing them these discount coupons.

Remember, this is a program to help people earn money to fund their education (‘earn to learn’), and also to help others to get access to education. It is not intended to make a business around this.



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