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Take the EXPERT Certification Program and Become a Published Author!

The SECRET to get career success is to learn the required skills to get qualified (Learn), build relationships (Share), and earn industry’s trust (Grow):

It is so much easier and more valuable to be:

  • Great at one thing
  • Known for one thing
  • Amplified for one thing
  • Constantly improving one thing
  • The “Best”​ at one thing

— Angel Berniz

Once you’ve already become a Certified Professional, you can keep growing and become a Certified EXPERT, accredited by the US-based International Institute of Executive Careers (IIEC). This is an assignment-based certification program. In this case, it is not about passing an exam, but really about defining a practical implementation plan or project, or writing your own book!

You become a Certified Expert when you show to the world that you know about something specific. That is, our expert certification program is based on writing an Industry Implementation Plan – a practical Strategic Plan for your Industry. We include publishing services in order to publish your book on Amazon!

The key of our unique approach is that you already have experience in your industry (whatever it is), and now you have acquired new knowledge by taking your professional certification. Therefore, you are ready to move one step further and become an implementation Certified EXPERT.

Your Certified Expert assignment is building an Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) or Technical Project on how to apply what you have learned in your Professional Course in your organization: define objectives, project phases, milestones, tools, etc. The goal of this program is showing to the world that you are an EXPERT, because you have already earned the skills, done market research on practical implementation processes in your industry (a.k.a. benchmarking or comparative analysis), and built your implementation plan or project.

We will make this journey together, with us as a guide by your side. In this learning process, you will move from a Learner to an Expert contributor role. An Expert sharing practical implementation guidance and advice to the world via or trusted and reputed publications.

This customized program includes expert tuition, guidance, and coaching by Angel Berniz Team, you will get all these value-driven results (expert coaching and certification). You only need to have active your monthly subscription at IIEC Business School. Invest in your future, START TODAY!

Are you already an EXPERT and want to contribute for a new course? Let’s talk.

To your success,

Angel Berniz



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